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Strategic Planning

We have a strategic plan specifically designed for your lab.

Developing Protocols

We accurately develop the required protocols for your lab based on the most updated EQI program standards.

Site Visits

We assess the conditions of your lab for developing the best protocols for your facility.

Additional site visits are offered to make sure all EQI program standards are met prior to the EQI site visit.



In EchOntario, we make sure that your application is prepared properly meeting the requirements of the EQI program.


We provide the following basic services:

• Explanation of EQI program regulations, requirements, and process.

Evaluation of your lab’s current practices
• Developing the Standard Procedures and Policies as required by the EQI program.
• Guiding through the development of the Facility and Equipment requirements for meeting the EQI program standards.
• Developing the corporate-directed environmental, health, safety and human resource policies to meet the requirements of the EQI program.
• Guiding to devise and implement the environmental awareness initiatives in order to create and maintain the management and employee awareness.
• Advising and facilitating workflow mechanisms to promote optimum scheduling and workflow.
• Guiding the development of the internal quality assurance, external quality review and external validation procedures to meet the EQI program standards.

Implementation of compliant reporting procedure to meet the EQI program standards.


The enhanced services provided by EchOntario are:

• Review and feedback on completed documentation to meet EQI requirements prior to EQI submission.
• Review and feedback on technical aspects as well as reporting of case studies selected for EQI submission.
• Additional site visits to make sure all EQI program standards are met prior to the EQI site visit.
• Feedback and review of comments received from IQMH
 for resubmission as required.

EchOntario also provides:

Mock Review of Echo and Stress Echo Studies in which we review the studies to ensure compliance with the image acquisition, reporting, technical and professional EQI standards.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team consists of cardiologists, echocardiographers, and people expert in EQI accreditation. Our team provides the complete support your facility needs to obtain EQI accreditation. Your application will be in experts' hands for each step making sure that it will be submitted to IQMH in its best form.

Office Consultation


 01  What is EQI?

Echocardiography Quality Improvement (EQI) is an accreditation program offered by the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH). EQI program is a quality improvement initiative for all facilities providing echocardiography services in Ontario. The EQI program reviews all registered echocardiography facilities according to the 2015 Standards for Provision of Echocardiography in Ontario. All facilities in Ontario providing echocardiography services can apply for EQI accreditation.




 02  Wich echocardiography services are evaluated by EQI program?

EQI Program only evaluates the practice of complete echocardiographic examinations on adult patients and currently does not review any of the following echocardiography services:


• Pediatric echocardiography, inclusive of fetal echocardiography 
• Intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography 
• ICU transesophageal echocardiography 




 03  Does the EQI program affect billing for echocardiography services?

Yes, it does! As described in the MOHLTC bulletin #4664 published on January 26, 2016, facilities must be actively engaged in the EQI program after April 1, 2016, to continue regular billing practices for echocardiography services.




 04  What are the steps of EQI program?

The EQI program has six steps which lead to facilities achieving certification. The steps are:


1- Registration

2- Document Review

3- On-Site Review

4- Findings and Recommendations

5- Implementation of Recommendations

6- Certificate of Achievement


For more information on each step visit Steps for EQI program.




 05  How will EchOntario help my facility to submit the required documents to IQMH?

A full policy and procedure manual is required to be available for review at every site before EQI site visit. EchOntario will help your facility with developing and preparing all required policies and protocols for the EQI Accreditation program. EchOntario provides enhanced services to ensure that your facility is ready and the procedures are in place properly for the EQI site visit. For more details visit Services.




 06  Does IQMH provide a pre-evaluation assessment for Site Visits?

No. IQMH does not provide a pre-evaluation assessment. EchOntario will help you with several site visits before the actual IQMH site visit to make sure that all required procedures are in place and your facility meets the criteria. We want that you feel confident for the actual IQMH site visit because we are here to help you!




 07  What are the services provided by EchOntario?

EchOntario will help you with all steps of EQI application. We will make sure that your application will be submitted to IQMH in its best form. We provide basic and enhanced services. For more information please visit Services.




 08  What is the cost for the services provided by EchOntario?

Each echo lab is different and requires a customized and unique service. We plan and provide the services based on your facility conditions. You can contact us for more information and quotation for your echo lab.

EQI Standards

Components of EQI Program



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